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Covid-19 worries & parent stress (May 2020)

Co-SPACE Denmark


  • Nearly half of the parents reported that their child was worried that friends or family members would be infected with Covid-19, and more than half reported that their child thought that Covid-19 was a very serious problem. One-fifth of parents reported that their child is concerned about getting Covid-19 themselves.
  • Parents were most stressed about their child’s well-being, followed by the child’s screen time and the parents’ own work.
  • Parents of children with special educational needs reported a significantly higher stress level in all areas.
  • For more than half of the families who had received support for their child before the pandemic, this support had been either interrupted or postponed during the pandemic
  • Three-quarters of parents agreed with the authorities’ handling of the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Parents especially wanted help and support in dealing with the child’s emotions, behavior, and schooling.
  • Parents would especially prefer to receive support in the form of online writing material, online videos and TV programs.