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Access to help in relation to parenting (June 2020)

This supplementary report was produced at the request of the Department of Health and Social Care. This report provides cross-sectional data from approximately 2565 parents/carers who have answered questions about accessing advice, help and support in relation to their child’s response to COVID-19, isolation and/or family relationships.

These questions were added to the survey on 01/06/20. Participants completed these questions in the survey between 01/06/20and 21/06/2020, either as part of the initial survey or the monthly follow-up survey.

In this supplementary report, we focus on:

  1. Whether parents and carers have been accessing advice and support in relation to parenting and family relationships
  2. Which people/organisations parents and carers trust advice from
  3. How parents and carers have accessed this advice and support
  4. Whether or not they have found it useful

These responses are examined for the following specific groups:

  • Age
  • Region
  • Child/Parent MH condition
  • Whether the child receives support for:
    • MH/emotional/behavioural difficulties o Support from social services
    • Educational support