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Covid stress & support needs (May 2020)

In this report, we focus on the following outcomes:

  1. Parent/carer reported child worries related to Covid-19
  2. Parent/carer sources of stress
  3. Support and disruptions
  4. Parent/carer need for support
  5. Parent/carer preference for the medium of delivery of support

Key findings:

  • Among our sample, nearly half the parents/carers thought that their child was concerned about family and friends catching the virus.
  • Around a third of parents/carers reported that their child was worried about missing school.
  • Work is the most frequent source of stress for parents, followed by their child’s emotional wellbeing.
  • Parents of children with special educational needs and neurodevelopmental disorders (SEN/ND) report higher levels of stress across all areas.
  • While child behaviour is rarely a stressor for parents of non-SEN/ND children, it was frequently a stressor for parents of children with SEN/ND.
  • Parents working outside the home report particular stress around work, followed by their child’s wellbeing and education.
  • 80% of those who were previously receiving support from services have had this stopped or postponed during the pandemic.
  • Parents particularly want support around their child’s emotional wellbeing, education and coming out of social isolation.
  • Parents of children with SEN/ND would also like support around managing their child’s behaviour.
  • Parents/carers would value online written materials and videos, while parents with children with SEN/ND would also like online support from professionals.