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Children and adolescent mental health trajectories during the COVID-19 pandemic: Findings from a year of the Co-SPACE study

This longitudinal analysis of Co-SPACE data examined changes in 3322 children and adolescents’ (aged 4–16 years) mental health between March 2020 and May 2021. Some key findings include:

  • The average trend in young people’s mental health appeared to follow changes in national guidelines regarding the pandemic.
  • While most young people followed low stable (62%–85%) or moderate stable (28%) symptom trajectories, 14%–31% experienced very high, high stable or increasing mental health difficulties.
  • Young people following high stable trajectories were more likely to have special educational needs and/or neurodevelopmental disorders, parents reporting higher levels of distress and parent-child conflict, and were less likely to have at least one close friend.

The full paper is available to read and download here.