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School concerns (July 2020)

Focus of this report

This report provides cross-sectional data from approximately 1602 parents/carers who have answered questions about concerns around children and young people attending school during the Covid-19 pandemic between 06/07/2020 and 27/07/2020, either as part of the initial survey or the monthly follow-up surveys.In this report, we examined responses for the following specific groups:

  1. The whole sample
  2. Children by BAME/ non-BAME ethnicity
  3. Primary and secondary school aged children
  4. Children by gender
  5. Children with special educational needs and/or neurodevelopmental disorder(SEND/ND)
  6. Children with pre-existing mental health difficulties
  7. High and low household incomes
  8. Parent working status (e.g. not working, employed part-time, employed full-time, orself-employed).

Focusing on the following issues:

  1. Parent/carer report on their own and their children’s feelings around attending school.
  2. Parent/carer report on their and their children’s specific concerns relating to attending school.